Tuesday, July 22, 2008

USS Thomas Stone

Before I met Rita, my first tour in the Navy was aboard the USS Thomas Stone. We practiced maneuvers with the British Army troops, early November 1942. We set out to make the invasion of North Africa.

As we entered the Straits of Gibraltar, we were torpedoed by an aerial attack. I saw the plane as it circled the convoy. Evasive action was taken by the ship, and the torpedo almost missed us. However, it did hit and exploded, ripping a large hole, which destroyed the propeller and navigational system.

To learn more about the attack read the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships account.


Bill said...

Hi and happy 4th of July. We are trying to do some research on my wifes father who passed away last week. He was a radioman aboard the USS Thomas Stone and never really spoke of his time in the military and now his daughters want to know more. His name was Benjamin Franklin Evan from Cottonwood Alabama. Don't know if you knew of him or not but figured I would ask anyway. Thank you for your time. Bill

Bill said...

Sorry, forgot to leave email, billphoto1@aol.com

Anne said...

My Dad served on the USS Thomas Stone until she was hit in N. Africa. He was a ship's cook, named Robert L. Talbott. I have a ship's roster he gave me if you'd like a copy. I've been collecting photos of the ship too. He later served in a Naval Beach Bn, not sure which one. He passed away in March 2008.