Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lest I Forget

One morning, as I was getting ready for a trip away from home. I sat down with my boys to give them instructions work that I wanted them to do while I was away. They started whinning and complaining - and I lost my cool. Later, I regreted the things that I had said to them, and felt compelled to write an apology letter.
This is what I wrote:

Help me to remember my youth and the awkward trial and error approach to maturity. Please renew in my mind the joys and disappointments associated with this turbulent time of growth and change. Remind me that this was a period of search for meaning, for relevance, for identity -- a period of strong frequently mixed, and sometimes frightening emotions -- a time for criticizing status quo and for challenging authority.
May I be reminded that outwardly I knew everything and secretly was afraid that I knew nothing. I would remember the importance of approval, the eagerness with which I sought to please, and the frequency of my failures. I also need to remember the patience and understanding of people who accepted me for what I was, and invested in my future with their kindness. I need to be constantly aware of the strong significance of these investments and the important role they have played throughout my adult life.
Most of all I need to be aware and thankful that these young people are sharing this beautiful period of their lives with me. Please grant me the wisdom to make the proper investments!

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