Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Woman of My Dreams

In the meantime, I've finished my minority hitch of four years in the Navy. I was discharged and went back home and worked with my uncle and was in the town of Brunswick, Georgia for a short time.
I decided that I needed more education, and I thought another hitch in the Navy would offer that. So I rejoined the Navy, and was stationed Norfolk Naval Shipyard. I called Rita and asked her if she could come down to see me. Much to my surprise, she responded in the affirmative, and we spent a beautiful time together touring the old city of Norfolk, riding the ferry and getting to know one another.
When the time came that she had to leave, I told her that I did not want her to go. She told me that she couldn't stay, but could come back again. So with that thought in mind, I began preparing for what I hoped to be our wedding. I rented a little house in Alexandra Park on the Portsmouth side of the river and started fixing it up. Stocking it with food and other necessities that I could think of and waited impatiently to hear from Rita.
She did return, and agreed to marry me. The wedding took place in Navy shipyard chapel. I can remember we had a wedding supper of sardines and crackers and it seemed as though we were having fillet mignon. We had guests from the wedding, who apparently wanted to spend the night, Rita seemed agreeable. I did not. So finally, we were left to ourselves to well you know.....

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