Tuesday, November 25, 2008


All things contain a "basic unit". Sometimes this embryonic component assumes physical form, and growth results in a complex structure of impressive proportions. Other times intricacy and beauty of infinitesimal smallness rewards the observer.

Basic units are sometimes ideas or beliefs whose evolution shape a spirit of love and trust among people. This intangible unit is not restricted by finiteness of matter and form, but has limitless potential for development. The human being furnished; the only medium for such expression.

Humanness may be manifest in many ways but ultimate fruition is achieved through love for fellow humans and appreciation for the natural community.

The human family can furnish environmental requirements for development of this unique intangible, and in doing so become the basic unit in a conquest for world harmony and peace.

Singleness is contrary to the laws of Nature--union of single cells produce the largest and most complex forms of life. A drop of water does not remain alone but is joined by others to ultimately form oceans. Yet singleness of purpose must be the goal of human society if order is to be restored in our chaotic world.

The evolution of family begins with the union of man and woman in bonds of mutual love and respect. Basic units are doubled, but oneness of purpose is maintained. Progeny resulting from this union further increase numbers, but oneness is synergistically strengthened.

A basic unit, the family, now exists and may be combined with all other such units to create a single world family. Proliferation of the basic unit may still be one. The basic unit? God's love!

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