Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rita, Rita, My Rita

This picture is of Rita on our first trip to Georgia. She met my family, and among many things that we did, we took a swim in the country club pool. I caught her in this pose. She was not too pleased about it, but it reminds me of the wonderful feelings and experiences of introducing her to my family.


phoebe said...

Hi Dad,

You had better hope Mom is not reading your blog, or you're in big trouble!

I finally gave up signed up for a new google account so I can post comments on your blog, in addition to sending you email messages.

I loved the story of the old house. I remember exploring lots of old places on our weekend picnics and outings. I'd like to hear more about this one. You did a great job of making the place seem real. I could imagine I was there looking over your shoulder. The picture was a good one too. Was that yours, or does Wandean get credit?

Keep looking for more of your unpublished work! Thanks for the prompt to check your blog. It helps me remember to check each week.

Love you,

fredsr said...

Thanks for your response to my blog. I agree that your mother would not have approved of this photograph on my blog, but I like it.